The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Ricky Howard

Bass / Vocals

When did you join Aussie Floyd?

November 2015.

Favourite Pink Floyd album?

The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Favourite Pink Floyd song to listen to?

The Final Cut

Favourite Pink Floyd song to play?

Shine On 6-9

How did you get in to Pink Floyd?

I heard Comfortably Numb via MySpace and fell in love from there! 

What other bands do you like?

Rammstein, Korn, Deftones, AC/DC, Rush, Van Halen, Bon Iver, Bee Gees, the list goes on!

If you weren’t in a Pink Floyd tribute what would you be doing?

Security Guard most probably ha ha

Have you met any Floyd members?

Sadly not!

Least favourite Floyd song?

Dogs Of War

Funniest moment on stage with TAPFS?

There’s far too many to mention! 

If you weren’t a musician what would you love to be?

Train driver

Best thing about touring?

Getting to see so many amazing places all over the world

Worst thing about touring?

Missing friends and family.

Favourite venues?

There’s lots, but Humphrey’s By The Bay in San Diego is definitely in my top 3.

Most enjoyable gig?

There have been so many, but the Bell Centre in Montreal 2016 was a great show, so many lighters and camera lights out during Wish You Were Here, it was awesome!

Funny touring story off stage?

All the best ones I probably can’t mention on here ha ha.

What instruments do you play?

Bass guitar, electric guitar, drums and some piano.

When did you start playing music?

When I was around 2 years old I started playing drums, hitting my mums pots and pans with wooden spoons and then moved onto guitar/bass when I around 7 years old, and the rest is history!

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