The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Paul Bonney


When did you join Aussie Floyd?


Favourite Pink Floyd album?

Atom Heart Mother

Favourite Pink Floyd song to listen to?

Atom Heart Mother

Favourite Pink Floyd song to play?

Dogs and Echoes

How did you get in to Pink Floyd?

Through my mates when I was 15 or 16

What other bands do you like?

Frank Zappa. Captain Beefheart. Classic rock. Prog rock. Folk music. Jazz and blues.

If you weren’t in a Pink Floyd tribute what tribute would you be doing?

I wouldn’t be in a tribute band, I’d have carried on my dream of playing for for the BBC big band.

Have you met any Floyd members?

Nick, and Rick.

Least favourite Floyd song?

One Slip

Funniest moment on stage with TAPFS?

Having a toilet break in the middle of One Of These Days at the back of the stage and jumping back up in time for the rest of the song. The smell came wafting around the stage through the fans from the smoke machines making everyone’s teeth go curly.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

Brain surgeon.

Best thing about touring?

Seeing the world, distant family and friends, and playing to thousands of people.

Worst thing about touring?

Tiredness and missing my family.

Favourite venues?

Montreal Bell Centre, Manchester (home city), Malta and the Glasgow Hydro.

Most enjoyable gig?


Funny touring story off stage?

Can’t repeat those here....

What instruments do you play?


When did you start playing music?

5yrs old

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