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Wired Or Wireless.... That Is The Question (By Alex McNamara)

So here we are in Marseilles, and this is my first blog for the Aussie Floyd 2014 "Set The Controls" tour... here goes. So what to talk about? As a dedicated vocalist, I can't offer much technical wizardry or insider geek info... and don't have any expensive toys to rave about, short of a trusty AKG D7 microphone! This tour I've swapped to a wired mic instead of the wireless Shure Beta 58A I've used for three years, as this year's set doesn't require me to be on and off stage quite as much, and we felt it might give me a more precise, "fuller" sound in my in-ear monitors. So far so good, and just as well... as it's fair to say this year's set is quite a tough one for me vocally! Think I'm going to have to live like a monk on this tour! Some great new songs are in there which I'm enjoying immensely (including my very favourite Floyd song, "Hey You"), and I really hope the audiences will love them too.

One obvious difference for me on this tour, is that it's my first as a Father. My daughter Poppy was born in May 2013, and it's the first time I've been away from her for an extended period: I miss her little face so much! I hope one day she'll be proud of her old Dad, doing all this. At least, before I become an embarrassment to her at parties and social events!

Rock on people, and hopefully see you soon. Vive la France!

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