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G'day From The Bass Player (By Colin Wilson)

G'day from the bass player! Yes I'm back on the road - or 'on the road again', as Willie Nelson would say. Firstly, Happy New Year to all of you. 2014 is my 21st year with The Australian Pink Floyd Show. How many years? 21, yes 21. Crikey - feels like a blink of an eye in one way, and a lifetime in another! If you're reading all of the other band members' blogs on, which I strongly recommend you do by the way, you already know all about our production rehearsals and first shows, so I won't bore you by covering that ground again here. What I will mention though is some of the stuff that happens in the weeks prior to the tour starting.

One of the things I tend to get involved in is the PR for the tour, and interviews in particular. I'm happy to report that some of the recent ones I've done for the UK leg of the tour have been really good. What makes an interview good you ask? Well it certainly helps if the interviewer has done his or her homework to some degree before we start. Not knowing anything about us, or Pink Floyd for that matter, isn't good. Asking me the names of the members of Pink Floyd is shocking. Asking me to spell 'The Dark Side of the Moon' is criminal!!! But, as I say, this year I was spoilt with some very knowledgeable interviewers.

A question which came up a few times was whether or not we feel 'restricted' or 'creatively stifled' as musicians because we play somebody else’s music? 'Absolutely not!' is always my reply! Look at it this way; we get to play music from one of the twentieth century's greatest bands. We get to perform it all over the world with a huge and impressive production around us, in some of the world’s best venues and to some of the most passionate music fans in existence. How could that feel stifling? What we do feel, is incredibly lucky! Of course none of this comes without putting the work in first, and as I said at the start of this, this is my twenty first year!

Another thing that we all do between tours is work on the production elements of the show. Dave Fowler and I have again been working on new video content for the show including a nice new intro to 'Wish You Were Here'. Look out for it and let us know what you think. I'll no doubt talk more about this in a future post for what I'm considering calling 'Mr Wilson's Mondayitis'.

Bye for now


PS: On the first night on the tour bus, I dreamt that I couldn't sleep - now that's irony!

A brace of tour buses!

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