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Conversations On The Bus & Probablility (By David Domminney Fowler)

Whilst getting back into life on the bus there have been some great moments. There is nothing I like more than when a conversation turns to something geeky like computers or physics.

One such conversation started up when somebody mentioned geniuses. The list of geniuses started pouring out. For example Newton, Darwin, Einstein, and Feinmen were all listed, and then somebody mentioned Stephen Hawkings, not Stephen Hawking but Hawkings, with an s on the end. This prompted a discussion about what if the aforementioned Hawkings was actually the singer of he Darkness, crossing over physics and glam rock in one swoop. Maybe there is something in that, I do recall shortly afterwards Lara and Alex holding a towel while we simulated the warps in the space time fabric with a grapefruit and a lime. How very rock and roll.

I can't imagine Stephen Hawking believing in a thing called love, a lot of physicists only rate something with a probability of being true, they believe nothing because to 100% believe something is most often illogical.

Another conversation was about horoscopes, and rather than offend anyone with my views I thought I'd lighten the mood by making one of my own. [INSERT STAR SIGN HERE] You may meet someone that will change your life in a way that you did not expect within the next few weeks, don't attempt that thing you have been thinking about as you probably don't have a licence and the rash will clear up, give it time.

There is also a great deal of learning on tour. Mike Kidson always has a nugget of information for me to sink my teeth into, from the real name of the Archers theme tune (Barwick Green) to the various different economic theories that British and American governments have used in recent history. I believe the one we all currently follow is Kinsey theory, I know nothing about this, but I do understand enough about it to say with certainty that I know nothing about it.

The later it gets the more people drift off to bed, usually leaving me with my laptop and Mike with his Kindle up until the early hours exchanging thoughts that inevitably end up as Monty Python impressions.

On a side note my kebab / mixed grill in Paris was great and I have included a picture below.

So in conclusion, many a bus conversation can turn from one thing to another, anything is probable, something that all those geniuses we listed agree on, even if one of them may or may not contradict that when it comes to a thing called love. Unfortunately for me that means there is some probability that I have just bored you, which I may or may not feel apologetic about next week, but I hope not!

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