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Beauty on the Road (By Lorelei McBroom)

All female backing vocalists (bvs) have to prepare for going on tour by gathering the right beauty products to travel with. This can sometimes present a special challenge for me as an African American, curly haired, brown skinned woman. I often bring many products for my hair and makeup from home. I love a brand called 'As I Am' (found here -, a line I discovered through a Facebook ad. Since I prefer the 'curly afro' look these days, I find these products give my hair the texture and shine I really like. They are reasonably priced and sold online and at Walgreens and Target stores in the US.

My favorites are the DoubleButter Cream, Twist Defining Cream, Leave-In conditioner, Hydration Elation, CocoShea Spray, & the Curl Clarify shampoo. They also make many other products I haven't tried yet, but they make great products for people with curls.

Emily puts time into curling her hair with an electric curling rod for that sultry look, balancing the raw half-shaved head she sports. Lara usually gives her head a good shake and a toss and gets that "hot blond" look. Sometimes she likes to add a bit of pink to her locks to spice it up or she makes a quiff. Lara is a real rocker at heart!

One product I found in France that is not sold in America is WELL Body Galbe stockings (tights). They have a built-in elastic "body sculpting" panty that really holds your stomach in. I've never tried SPANX, but the WELL brand are lightweight and very durable! Two pairs lasted me for over a year, and for me that's a miracle! I can barely get through 2 shows without ruining my stockings.

False eyelashes are often worn to help bring out the eyes on stage. We usually wear heavy eye makeup in general so it shows from a distance. My eyesight isn't so good and if I've been wearing my reading glasses before I "put my face on" sometimes doing my lashes is too difficult and I often opt to go without them. I have found some very inexpensive ones on Amazon, direct from China. (I figure most companies probably get them like this in bulk, repackage them, and jack up the price.) Saving on lashes also helps to balance the cost of makeup. Emily, Lara and I are big fans of Mac products, which we can easily find in Europe. They have loads of shades for all complexions, and they have shops in most airports. Pricey, yes but their under eye concealer and powder are very effective. I'm not too much of a foundation wearer and I don't wear makeup every day. It's hard on the skin. Emily, Lara and I also like Barry M eye shadows. The colors are vibrant and shimmery! Urban Decay makes a great primer for bright eye shadows. The color lasts longer. I like to wear Makari de Suisse caviar moisture cream under my makeup. I have dry skin and this product leaves my face silky smooth and never oily.

Another product I can't do without is perfume, and French scents are my favorite! My Mother and my Aunt Mary were huge fans of Joy by Jean Patou. It's pricey but it's also unforgettable. YSL's Parisienne is another must have for me. I discovered it in Verona, Italy, strolling the streets with my friend singer Bridget Cady. I also like Paris by YSL. They sell lots of fragrance oils on 125th Street in Harlem, New York and I like oils because they last longer. My earthly alternative - Nag Champa oil. I spent a great deal of my youth in meditation ashrams and love that smell.

Emily and Lara are very good about doing their nails. Bright fluorescent colors are a favorite for them. I tend to be lazy about painting my nails. I loved the way Emily's looked in the darkened lighting we sometimes dance in.

I tend to get easily bored with my hair so I try different styles. Even when I had braids I’d wear it up, down, and in between.

I actually convinced Lara to try cutting bangs (or a fringe as the Brits call it) last year.

See Emily’s shaved hair style close up. She said my sister Durga’s 80’s hair style was an inspiration.

Of course my jewelry case is heavy so I can make changes to complement our outfits. I’ve been making my own necklaces and earrings for years. It’s a really fun hobby. Thankfully David Domminney Fowler (our resident guitarist, singer, IT specialist and web designer) has made a fabulous site for me that many of our Aussie Floyd fans support. It’s called Jewelry By Lorelei - I do appreciate seeing the ladies who wear the jewelry they’ve purchased from me at our shows to let me see how pretty they look.

Some people may think it’s a lot of vanity, but I figured out years ago women dress, wear makeup and worry about their weight far more to impress other women than men. It’s a pleasant pastime being a girly girl at times and the older I get the more I enjoy it.


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